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A new marketplace, by a new market

At Nayms, marketplace users are the product. These users are digitally native brokers, new-age carriers and investors fit for the world of digital assets. Nayms isn’t new technology for old companies. It’s new technology for the insurance participants of the future, who deserve the back-end infrastructure capable of conducting truly digital insurance with the market, for the benefit of coverholders.

Move Beyond Legacy. Enter Digital.

A truly digital environment where insurance parties can collaborate around a single source of truth, and bring much needed cover to the world of digital assets… and beyond.

Move Beyond Legacy. Enter Digital.

A truly digital environment where insurance parties can collaborate around a single source of truth, and bring much needed cover to the world of digital assets… and beyond.

Capital. Up Close and Personal.

Capital markets are brought right up close to the action with the ability to invest across a multitude of different insurance programs.

Insurance Trading. Simplified.

Introducing an integrated trading environment for the transfer of capital participation within insurance programs.

Risk Placement in the Digital Era.

Insurance policies are created through our native contract builder. A hash of the policy is immutably tied to an intended pool of capital. This means every insurance program can digitally track activity within each account.

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Alongside a complete list of Segregated Accounts (‘Cells’) in the Nayms marketplace, investors can view their positions to track where they have invested capital.

Investors can view their order history and open orders alongside a convenient view of the key information at a glance.

Select all involved participants to start building your policy.


Nayms of Bermuda

Nayms is structured as a Segregated Accounts Company (SAC). This allows our insurance partners to run a Segregated Account or ‘protected cell’ which constitutes a smart contract that ring-fences assets and liabilities and segregates your business from other activity on the network. Nayms also holds both a Digital Asset Business License (DABA Class F) and Innovative General Business Insurance License (IIGB) allowing insurance participants globally to conduct on-chain insurance business in a digital asset and insurance compliant fashion.


Your Balance Sheet. Your Bank Account. Your Trustee.

With fully audited smart contracts written immutably on the blockchain, we allow insurance participants to begin replacing a huge administrative burden and unnecessary human intervention with the transparency and trustless nature of smart contract code. This reduces the expensive need for trust in every transaction.

Participation tokens

Integrating legal and regulatory processes with technology

When the insurer or ‘sponsor’ raises capital from investors to collateralise the segregated account (‘Cell’), investors receive participation tokens (ERC-20) as proof of ownership over capital in the pool. This monitors account ownership, proof of liability and ensures legal rights are transferred during a trade via our matching market. Participation tokens incorporate the legal and regulatory responsibilities allowing such responsibilities to transfer to new investors along with the transfer of the token, instantly.

policy builder

Immutably tie risk to capital

To write risk, brokers have access to a builder where they input all the parameters of an insurance policy. They set out the various participants, attach any insurance disclosures and off-chain documentation and input pricing figures. Once approved by the requested ‘sponsor’ managing the segregated account, the policy is hashed against that pool of capital so to be tied immutably to that program.

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