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Introducing liquidity for insurance as an asset class with NAYM. NAYM is the governance token of the Nayms marketplace and is designed to capitalise the Nayms Liquidity Facility (NLF). The NLF takes positions in insurance pools and works with market makers to provide liquidity to capital providers and rewards to token holders.

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The Nayms Liquidity Facility

Your Liquidity Partner for Insurance Risk

The NLF is a liquidity provider to insurance programmes across the Nayms marketplace. The design ensures liquidity to capital providers, and generates returns from marketplace risk which can be used to provide rewards to NAYM token holders. By depositing into the NLF, token holders receive an increased boost factor on any tokens staked into our governance pool.

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The Governance Pool

Rewarding Collaboration

Stakers into the governance pool can actively engage in the Nayms marketplace in a meaningful way, from how much the NLF should invest in a certain program, to the preferred ratio of NAYM to other NLF assets. In return, stakers receive rewards from NLF performance in recognition of their contributions to the NLF’s administration.

Staking Coming Soon

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Simple Onboarding For All

Democratising Access to Insurance as an Asset Class

Through governance and an innovative liquidity facility, we have created a mechanism by which token holders can engage in a global insurance market alongside more traditional and institutional participants. A simple KYC process and you’re in!

Simple Onboarding Coming Soon

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